Film Animation Workshops

The traditional technique of Stop Motion animation is still used today in children's television programs such as Pingu, Bob the Builder and many movies like the Adventures of Wallace and Gromit and Nightmare Before Christmas.

Erik H. Goulet, filmmaker and teacher, is passionate about this technique and many others. Therefore he offers several workshops to demystify the process of creation required for making animated films.

With the help of his magic box and animated films, Erik will show the students the tricks of the trade and help them discoverer a fascinating world where their imagination has no limits.

The workshops are available for schools,

arts centers and summer camps.

They can be tailored to fit your schedule of activities.



Workshop A

Initiation to the world of Stop Motion (Seminar format)          

Running time : 1h30


- Brief overview of the filmmaker’s studies and

 production background


- Characters and sets creation for animated film


- Presentation and analysis of three animated short films

  produced by the filmmaker



Workshop B

Production of a short animated film in Stop Motion                  

Running time : 2 days


- Develop an idea and storyboard


- Making the characters and sets


- Animating and screening of the movie



Workshop C

Animation Techniques Series                                      

Running time : 8 classes of 1h30


- Student explore the following techniques:

  basic optical toys, 35 mm draw on film, pixilation,

  cut-out animation, claymation and Stop Motion animation


- Final screening of all the work and

  distribution of the DVD to the participants





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« For several years now, M. Goulet has been able to pass on his passion for frame by frame animation to the students.  Dynamic, he explains very well the full potential of these techniques.  Therefore, I highly recommend his services to any teachers who would like to offer an excellent creative workshop to their students. »

- Stéphane Lauzon

  Fine arts and multi-media teacher

  at Marie-Clarac High School in Montreal.